{Gifted} No.1 Living Brewery – Rose Blush Review

It’s no secret that No.1 Living is my kombucha brand of choice.

I love the health benefits of kombucha, especially in terms of gut health. It has been a healthy swap from my fizzy drink addiction and it is often something that I’ll choose to drink in place of alcohol.

What is exciting, though is that No.1 Living have now released a Rose Blush Sparkling Kombucha which comes in a 750ml bottle. The lightly sparkling kombucha is balanced with rose extract, for a delicately sweetened alternative to rose or prosecco.  It is a great option for anyone looking for an alcohol-free drink to enjoy with friends or to improve general gut health.


The ingredients list is impressive and consists of, Kombucha (Filtered Water, Golden Cane Sugar, Sencha Green Tea, Live Kombucha Cultures), Natural Flavourings, Rose Extract 0.01%, Black Carrot Concentrate.

I also love that it’s low in sugar, something that is important to me when choosing beverages. It includes live cultures and is also vegan friendly. As the design of the bottle is so nice, it would make the perfect gift.

I tried various alcohol-free drinks during my pregnancy and although it is now somewhat of a saturated market, this is the first time that I’ve seen something like the Rose Blush Kombucha, where you get the same great taste but with the additional health benefits. I love the taste too and it was lovely to enjoy a few glasses without worrying about a hangover.

Health benefits of kombucha

If you need anymore convincing to swap from your usual drink to Rose Blush Kombucha then read the health benefits below.

  1. Kombucha contains probiotics
  2. Kombucha contains antioxidants
  3. May support heart health
  4. May reduce inflammation


£12.00 for a 750ml bottle, subscription is also available on the No.1 Living online store.

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