4 Things Adult Children Of Ageing Parents Can Do To Support Their Loved Ones

One thing that is certain in life, whether we like it or not, is that we will all age. Of course, this isn’t such an easy thing to deal with when it’s happening to some of the most important people in our lives, namely our parents. However, there are some things that you as an adult child of an aging parent can do to support your loved ones during this phase of life. Read on to find out what they are.


One thing that it is imperative to do as our parents get older is to continue to discuss things with and them and ensure that we listen when they speak. This is because it can be incredibly easy to believe that we know what is best for them, especially as they get more fragile, or are having issues such as dementia.

However, while it is to care for their basic physical safety, it’s also vital that we encourage autonomy and self-determination where possible, something that is impossible to do without first listening and taking on board their wishes when it comes to things like treatments, living arrangement, and even diet.

Help them get access to medical assistance

Next, a significant role that the adult children of aging relatives can play in supporting their loved ones is to advocate for them and help them to get the assistance in life they require.

This may mean doing the simple thing like taking a day off work so you can drive them to their doctor’s appointment, something that they might otherwise struggle to get to.

Alternatively, it may be advocating for them concerning medical care, if they are struggling to be heard. It can even be helping them to pick out something like a mobility scooter, or one of these wheelchairs that will allow them to get about a bit more easily. Something that in turn will ensure they continue to do things and attend social appointments, which can be very good for their overall health.

Encourage healthy behaviours

Also, as the adult child of an aging parent, it is vital to remember that you do have a lot of influence, even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes. In fact, just like your parent used to guide and advise you when you were young and vulnerable, you can now do the same for them.

What this means in that your input can have a massive effect regarding your aging parents keeping up healthy behaviours such as eating well, exercising, and even doing mental tasks like puzzle and crosswords.

Therefore, whenever possible try and spend some time participating in these tasks with them. In fact, this encouragement that can not only help to motivate them to do it when you are around but will hopefully begin to associate some good memories with the chosen activities too, thus encouraging your parents to do them on their own as well. Something that can help to promote both their mental and physical well being during their golden years.

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